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Eaglestone stands out for its innovative approach to evolving neighborhoods. As the group’s core business, we reinvent the city by combining our expertise in property development with the imagination of internationally renowned architectural firms. This forward-thinking approach allows us to propose innovative concepts where services and technologies make complete sense. We stimulate a change in mindset and the evolution of the surrounding neighborhoods by creating vibrant activity and high-quality public spaces. We constantly stay abreast of societal and environmental trends and believe in the diversity of skills for the realization of our developments, thus responding to the ‘revolution’ currently driving the real estate industry.


As an opportunistic player, our approach consists of identifying real estate opportunities and exploiting them through a value-add strategy. In doing so, we create living and working spaces by adding value before selling them to real estate investors.

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by Cardinal Campus

Cardinal Gestion, a subsidiary of the Eaglestone group, designs and manages functional living and working spaces for students and young professionals, dedicated to conviviality and interactivity. It currently manages 48 student residences and over 6000 units in France. Cardinal is also rethinking real estate around flexible solutions and mixed-use premises to meet the needs of people on the move. It offers serviced offices (flexible offices, shared meeting rooms, café-counter, event spaces, etc.).


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