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Our commitment
to sustainability

Since 2019, the group has obtained the carbon neutrality certification for all its corporate activities, also all new developments are subject to a carbon footprint analysis to reduce and, where possible, offset any remaining emissions.


In 2022, the group committed to significantly contribute to six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in all phases of its projects. As a result, the group implements a comprehensive ESG strategy that includes strategic directions and key performance indicators.

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Green Bonds

In addition, Eaglestone has developed its Green Finance Framework aiming to attract specific funding for green real estate projects which contribute to its sustainability strategy. Under this Framework, Eaglestone can issue a variety of Green Finance Instruments such as Green (Retail) Bonds, Green Notes, Green Private Placements and Green Loans.

The Framework provides a clear and transparent set of criteria for Green Finance Instruments issued by Eaglestone.

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