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Cardinal announces the sale in lots of 38 homes in Brazza (Bordeaux)

12/02/2024  |  Press release

A new step has been taken at Brazza, where developer, manager and investor Cardinal has announced the sale in lots of 38 homes, with a total living area of 2,524m², through Swisslife and Enoma Partners. Delivery is scheduled for January 2026.

Cardinal is currently developing the entire SOFERTI block in the future Brazza district of Bordeaux, named after the factories that once occupied the site.

In total, the development is spread over 31,000m² of land divided into 7 lots. With more than 53,000m² of floor space developed, Groupe Cardinal plans to build an MOB hotel, a cultural hall, an events forum, offices, housing, business premises and space for craftsmen.

The 38 homes sold out of the 135 available for first-time buyers are located on block E7-1ab. From T1 to T5, all will have an outdoor space (balcony/terrace) and will be multi-orientated. In addition, there will be 835m² of retail space and 535m² of premises dedicated to craft trades, as well as a generous central area with tree-lined gardens and play areas for children.

This is an overall project in which Groupe Cardinal is both developer and promoter-builder. This dual expertise has enabled us to develop a tailor-made programme for the site, a symbol of the Group's creativity and boldness. Like the Confluence district in Lyon, the Cardinal Group is demonstrating its expertise in major urban projects and is positioning itself as a forerunner in new uses, with the aim of enhancing the well-being of the users and residents of this new neighbourhood.